Q: How does The Kiosk provide problem solving support?

A: Advisors are trained to help consumers explore issues that may be of concern to them in ways that allow consumers to think about and solve problems at their own pace and according to their specific needs and preference. A fundamental premise of The Kiosk is that the consumer is always in the "driver's seat." The Advisor is an experienced navigator who, if the consumer wishes, can help support the journey -- and often help to make it easier, more rewarding, and sometimes even more fun.

Q: How does problem solving relate to The Kiosk for Living Well overall?

A: Teaching visitors key elements of problem-solving means that rather than taking care of issues for them, consumers are able to deal with their concerns themselves. This is one of the key tenets of The Kiosk program: to facilitate the self-management of health and well-being.

Q: How do The Kiosks support the idea of person-environment fit?

A: To have an impact on a person's behavior we need to affect the person, their environment and the way that person interacts within their environment. We do that by increasing individuals’ capacities while at the same time adapting their environments to fit their existing competencies. Those include health, sensory, motor skills, perceptual, cognitive, and emotional factors. Environment refers to the level and nature of physical and social elements that characterize an individual's physical space and preferences as well as interpersonal relationships.

Q: Is it important for visitors to The Kiosk to have computer skills?

A: No. A trained Advisor introduces consumers to all aspects of The Kiosk. How much a person wants to explore on the computer is up to each individual.