Woman at IN2L


The Kiosk for Living Well operates in partnership with "It's Never 2 Late" (iN2L). iN2L systems are large touchscreen computers  that offer a wide array of important health information, entertainment, and the ability to bring the world to every visitor, regardless of need or skill level.

Kiosks provide a variety of means for participants to manage their health and daily routines more effectively. They utilize social magnets such as senior centers, housing complexes, soup kitchens, and churches. The Kiosks take natural gathering places and turn them into places in the community where a variety of things are accomplished.

The Kiosk for Living Well program offers the following features:

  • A Fall Prevention Specialist
  • A Hypertension Specialist
  • Opportunities to develop problem-solving strategies
  • Ways of managing one’s health more effectively
  • The ability to connect to places and people in any part of the world
  • The chance to explore new ideas
  • State-of-the art virtual and communications technology
  • Demonstrated and effective decision-support mechanisms
  • A variety of ways to be social and stay engaged with the community

Some of the specific activities visitors to The Kiosk enjoy include the following:

  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Music
  • The Passport to Health
  • Memory games
  • Video chats with friends
  • Virtual bicycling
  • Virtual travel
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Workshops

The Organizations Behind the Kiosk for Living Well

The Kiosk for Living Well was developed and is sponsored by Greater Lynn Senior Services, Inc. (GLSS) in collaboration with The Greater North Shore LINK. The primary goal of the Disability Resource Consortium of the Greater North Shore is to create a single, coordinated system of information and access for all persons seeking long-term services and supports, regardless of age, disability or income.

Kiosk sites are currently managed by GLSS, North Shore Elder Services, Inc., and SeniorCare, Inc.