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The Kiosks for Living Well Developed & Sponsored by Greater Lynn Senior Services, Inc. (GLSS) in collaboration with the Aging and Disability Resource Consortium of the Greater North Shore, Inc. (ADRCGNS)

We currently have seven permanent Kiosks on the North Shore!

The Roving Kiosk visits sites across the region.

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The Kiosk for Living Well

A unique, results-oriented program that promotes health and wellness at community pulse points.

Visitors to The Kiosk for Living Well have a rich mix of offerings to choose from. They can strengthen their balance and reduce the risk of falls, keep track of  blood pressure rates, and engage more fully in their communities. The Kiosk is a place where people are able to develop problem-solving strategies around day-to-day challenges, and where people also have the chance to play a variety of fun cognitive games on the iN2L system’s touch screen computer.

The Kiosk for Living Well  is in many ways a Health Center without walls. By connecting to local health centers, The Kiosk facilitates stronger relationships between consumers and medical providers.

The Kiosk also features trained Advisors who facilitate a variety of offerings: 

      • A Fall Prevention Specialist
      • A Hypertension Specialist
      • Opportunities to develop problem-solving strategies
      • Ways of managing one’s health more effectively
      • The ability to connect to places and people in any part of the world
      • The chance to explore new ideas
      • State-of-the art virtual and communications technology
      • Demonstrated and effective decision-support mechanisms
      • A variety of ways to be social and stay engaged with the community

Whether it's playing an online game or weighing options around health care at The Kiosk for Living Well, the consumer's choices are varied and always in their hands.

Watch the short video above to learn more.


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Kiosk Program Manager

Liz Bulkley

781 586-8592